After canceling scummy step-kids’ Xmas, returning gifts, and sending them to live with their mother, people refer to me as a “monster.”


After canceling scummy step-kids’ Christmas, returning gifts, and sending them to live with their mother, I was dubbed a “monster” by the public.

Let’s be honest: in the run-up to Christmas, we don’t know a single parent who hasn’t threatened to report any bad behavior to Santa.

However, while this is a great way to keep kids in line ahead of the holidays, we’ve never heard of any parents actually carrying out this threat – until now.

A frustrated step-mother shared her dilemma on Reddit, explaining how she and her husband have decided to cancel Christmas for his 12-year-old daughter and teen son.

“I can’t even express to you how much they have put my husband and me through,” she wrote.

“They’re vengeful, liars, master manipulators, and they tell everyone who will listen that I mistreat them.”

“They are little clones of their mother who literally can’t be explained in words,” the woman continued, describing how she has endured seven years of “torment.”

She’s the scum of the planet.”


Since 2019, the woman’s husband has had primary custody of the children, with their mother having them on weekends and during the summer vacations.

The woman, on the other hand, claimed that her relationship with her stepchildren deteriorated dramatically after her wedding last year.

“My stepson acted like a complete a*** in front of everyone at our wedding,” she wrote.

“Then, while we were on our honeymoon, they stayed with their mother and insisted that they didn’t want to return home because they were mistreated and abused and weren’t allowed to speak to their father, so we let them stay with her for two months.”

“Of course, when she was done with them, she sent them home.”

Every weekend, this happens to me.

They smear my name when I’ve done everything I could for them for the past seven years.”

The woman’s step-daughter was recently expelled from school for using a racial slur, and her step-son is accused of talking about her to teachers and his bus driver.

We delivered all of their Christmas presents to their mother’s house today.

‘But they’re just kids,’ everyone says, ‘this is normal adolescent behavior,’ but it isn’t.

The couple discovered she had called them “nosy f***ers” after reading the 12-year-old’s diary.

“They don’t want to live with us,” she continued, “and it’s gotten so bad that my husband and I are now on medication, and I’m being referred to a cardiologist, and I suffer from PTSD.”

“So we returned all of their Christmas presents to their mothers today…

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Today we returned all their Christmas presents and sent them to their mother’s home. Everyone says ‘oh but they’re just kids, this is normal teenage stuff’ but it’s not.

The stepmum has cancelled Christmas over the kids' bad behaviour

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