After feeling compelled to propose, Shawn Booth questions Kaitlyn Bristowe’s engagement.


After feeling pressured to propose, Shawn Booth questions Kaitlyn Bristowe’s engagement.

Shawn Booth, a Bachelorette alum, reflected on his previous relationship and engagement to Kaitlyn Bristowe, as well as the steps they took to keep their romance and breakup a secret at first.

Was Shawn Booth and ex-Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “true love” or a Disney fairy tale for The Bachelorette couple?

On November 15th,

Shawn reflected on their previous relationship, which began on season 11 of the ABC dating show in 2015, on episode 18 of the health-and-fitness podcast Austin AF.

He also revealed how the former couple used Little Mermaid-inspired aliases to keep both their engagement and their 2018 breakup a secret at first.

Shawn, 34, admitted on the podcast that he and Kaitlyn were “put through the ringer” while filming The Bachelorette. “Any little thing to mess with me, mess with her, [the show]did,” he explained.

“I believe that grew our relationship because they were attempting to tear us apart the entire time.”

Because they were in desperate need of a show.

“It’s a business,” says the narrator.

Shawn’s comments and the show’s practices have elicited no response from ABC or the show’s production companies.

“At that point, it was like, I am so, so worn down mentally, emotionally, physically,” Shawn said when asked if the engagement felt genuine.

On that show, I knew we’d end up spending a lot of time together.

I’ve never, ever doubted anything.

‘Yep, she’ll pick me,’ I’d always say.

“And then last night was just like, ‘Let’s just get this over with and get out of here,” he said. “I was asking [producers], like, ‘What if I don’t propose, like, this is kind of a big deal.’ And they’re basically like, ‘If you don’t propose, then everyone is gonna hate you.'”

“I always question watching every season due to a little PTSD, overwhelming emotions, and knowing a little too much,” Kaitlyn, 36, wrote on Instagram in 2020.

Shawn and Kaitlyn “were very good at having fun and showing the world that we had fun,” according to the podcast.

“Being in love and doing the whole love thing, we weren’t that good at it behind closed doors,” he admitted, “and I think there was some sort of trauma bond.”

In that way, I’ll always be linked to her.

That bond will always exist between us, like…

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Shawn Booth doubts Kaitlyn Bristowe’s engagement after feeling compelled to propose.

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Shawn Booth Questions Authenticity of Kaitlyn Bristowe Engagement After Feeling Pressure to Propose

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