After I refused to pay for a posh dinner with HIS parents because they ‘forgot their wallets,’ my fiance slammed me as’selfish.’


After I refused to pay for a posh dinner with HIS parents because they ‘forgot their wallets,’ my fiance slammed me as’selfish.’

A YOUNG doctor claims her fiancé and his family called her “selfish” after she refused to pay for their lavish New Year’s celebrations.

When they called from a restaurant with a last-minute invitation, the woman said she gladly accepted.

She claimed she was upset because her in-laws chastised her for not paying for the entire family’s meal at the end of the meal.

She claimed the family had “forgotten their wallets” for the second time, and it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

The doctor claimed she took advantage of the situation to put her foot down and declare that she would only pay her own bill.

“They welcomed me and ordered many dishes, desserts, and drinks,” the 32-year-old wrote on Reddit, explaining the saga.

“We had a great time celebrating and having a good time until it was time to pay.

“I took my wallet from my bag and told them we’d split the bill.

“Sam mumbled something along the lines of ‘no you don’t have to, we invited you,’ but I insisted.”

After they said they didn’t have enough money to pay for a single round of drinks, she realized she was expected to pay for their entire meal.

“Then his father nervously laughed and said, ‘OK, guess we should just let the doctor pay!'” she continued.

“I was taken aback and said, ‘I’m sorry, but no – this is just too much money for one dinner alone, and I didn’t think I was expected to pay the entire bill.'”

Her fiancé and in-laws, she said, were enraged.

“They started arguing about how I have the potential to pay right there and then, but I was acting as if they were strangers, not family,” the doctor explained. “But that doesn’t mean I have to pay.”

She claimed that her fiancé pleaded with her to “just pay,” but she refused and left the restaurant.

Her fiancé later called her at 2 a.m. to tell her that her selfish behavior had ruined New Year’s Eve and that she had betrayed those who had invited her out.

“I’m hoping his parents can forgive her,” he said.

The doctor went online to tell her story and said she had come to the conclusion that she should have paid, but she wanted to hear from others.

Many people supported her.

“They all conveniently left their wallets at home, and they invited you with the expectation that you’d pay,” one said.

‘Alright, so I guess we should let the…’ his father said nervously.

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His dad then laughed nervously and said ‘alright so guess we should let the doctor pay!


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