After Mary Cosby was passed over for a Bravo special, RHOSLC fans slammed Heather Gay’s (dollar)150 David’s Bridal reunion gown as’tacky.’


After Mary Cosby was passed over for a Bravo special, RHOSLC fans slammed Heather Gay’s (dollar)150 David’s Bridal reunion gown as’tacky.’

Heather Gay’s (dollar)150 David’s Bridal purchase was slammed as ‘tacky’ by REAL Housewives of Salt Lake City fans.

Last year, Bravo’s RHOSLC premiered.

Photos of the cast, including Heather, surfaced online on Thursday, giving fans a sneak peek at what they’ll be wearing when they sit down with Andy Cohen to recap the season.

Many people on the internet didn’t like any of the ladies’ outfits, but Heather’s look was particularly disliked.

To make matters worse, web sleuths discovered the dress for (dollar)150 on David’s Bridal.

Heather’s look was ripped apart by fans after the photos were shared by popular Bravo fan account @QueensofBravo.

Heather’s gown was dubbed “hideous” and “tacky” by social media users.

“I love Heather, but she’s dressed like the mother of the bride,” one person said.

“Wtf Heather you got better style than that!!” said a third user.

The gown is currently listed on David’s Bridal, but it does not appear to be in stock.

Heather’s appearance wasn’t the only one that drew criticism.

The cast was dissected by fans in droves.

Jen Shah, who had legal problems in season two, and Meredith Marks were singled out for special attention.

Jen wore a form-fitting purple dress with feathers on the shoulders as she posed in front of the reunion couch.

It appears to be the same dress Cardi B wore during a previous televised event.

“Jen looking like Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove,” a Housewives fan wrote on Instagram.

The remark sparked a meme, which quickly spread across the internet.

The photo was shared by Queens of Bravo, with one fan commenting, “most accurate.”

“You can’t tell me she didn’t use that as inspiration,” another fan wrote.

Another fan joked, “Where’s Kronk when ya need him?”

Others took it a step further, mocking Jen’s legal troubles.

“She wore that?! An orange jumpsuit would have looked better on her.”

Meredith attended the reunion in a light blue pant suit with large feathers on the sleeves.

Her fans don’t always love it when she wears a feathered look.

This look in particular drew a lot of criticism.

“Is a former Muppets designer creating all of her looks or what?” one commenter wondered.

“Sesame Street vibes,” said another.

“I’m getting Schitts Creek Moira Rose the Crows Have Eyes vibes,” another fan joked.

The dress saga occurs in the midst of a larger controversy involving Mary Cosby.

On SiriusXM radio, Andy teased the RHOSLC reunion…

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