After she allegedly lost her cool, paparazzi photos of Kate Middleton were reportedly ‘banned’ from newspapers.


After she allegedly lost her cool, paparazzi photos of Kate Middleton were reportedly ‘banned’ from newspapers.

Even before she married Prince William, Kate Middleton drew a lot of media attention.

She was frequently featured in the tabloids when she was still a royal girlfriend because of her connection to the throne.

When dealing with a swarm of paparazzi in 2007, Kate is said to have lost her cool.

Following that, newspapers decided to stop publishing photos of her.

Kate began dating William in 2003, while both were students at the University of St. Thomas.

St. Andrews is a town in Scotland.

When they were still in school, the couple had some privacy from the media.

However, Kate began to be followed by paparazzi after they graduated in 2005 and moved to London.

Photographers waited outside Kate’s house frequently, and they also followed her to and from work.

Kate could not receive tax-funded security like a royal wife because she was only a girlfriend.

As a result, William and other palace aides attempted to assist her by establishing a “hotline” through which she could request assistance.

“She was obviously the subject of a lot of press interest and paparazzi intrusion,” a source told Kate: The Future Queen author Katie Nicholl (via Stylecaster).

“William stated that we owed her and her family a duty of care, so we advised her on how to deal with the cameras.

We advised her to smile at the photographers so that a better photograph could be taken.

We advised her on how to handle the media, and we were ready to assist her in the event of a crisis.”

If It Hadn’t Been for One Thing Prince Charles Did, Prince William and Kate Middleton Wouldn’t Have Dated.

Kate turned 25 years old in January of 2007.

On this particular day, however, she was surrounded by paparazzi.

Kate Middleton: From Commoner to Duchess of Cambridge author Kate Shoup describes this in her book.

“Hundreds of photographers had mobbed her doorstop on the morning of her birthday, January 9 2007, all hoping for a pre-engagement photo,” Shoup wrote, as reported by Express.

“Due to work, Kate left her flat and drove to her car, where she was surrounded by the press.”

“As journalist Vicky Ward pointed out, ‘It was the first and only time in her relationship with Prince William that the young woman…’ Shoup added.

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