After two races, back-to-school CRACK MONEY is to follow in the Price of Cognate-Lyonne


PMU R1C1 : check out the prognosis for Quinté de Turfomania for the Price Of Cognate-lyonne, which will be held Monday, June 15, on the hippodrome of Vichy, on the distance of 2950 meters to go.

The prognosis for quinté (PMU) by Michel Pons

Welcome to Vichy Monday with our friends in trotters for a Quinté to the destination of the horses of age played on the course of 2950m. They are 16 at the start of which 7 out of the first post. The truth should, however, come from the second level. Some walkers do seem to hold a certain margin to hope to rebuild their handicap victory. Started by CRACK MONEY, which is still in obvious delay of gains and who is going to know to prove such a company for its return string to the right especially referred of the post. And attention to DIMMIDISIA that does not make this long trip for nothing. It is on the rising and is well worth a lot of the way.

The Base :

It has now 2 racing back in the legs since the takeover, and although it begins in Vichy, he no longer has to make its proofs rope to the right. It aligns the success since it evolves referred to the post and although he had not won a single Quinté, it remains in default of gains. This is obviously the horse to beat.

The Outsider TQQ :

It appears clearly on the rising since the takeover and its 2 chronos made in Marseille as much at Vivaux at Borély the show in good shape. She had finished second by less than 1’14 for his sole attempt on this track in the summer of 2018. It is better to deal with it because Loris GARCIA did not make the trip for nothing.

He might be 9 years old, it remains very competitive at this level even in the face of its cadets. He comes to reconnect brilliantly with success in Laval, while trotting 1’14″3 on 2875m after a wise and useful racing back in may since December. Confirmation expected, with Alexander RECORDED as he has never disappointed on this course.

He finds himself still not engaged in this Quinté, since it is again the least wealthy of the second level. This was already the case on the 11th of may and this had not prevented him from coming to take a nice 4th place. He might have 10 years, it remains ingambe and returns to the coupler with legitimate ambitions. He can do that again.

He is in great form since resuming and he likes especially on this track of Vichy. It comes, moreover, to remove a Quinté on this course, and his mentor believes that he has fully recovered and that he will learn to repeat. Again, the bare feet, it’s better to borrow as much as it has the big advantage to leap in head.

It comes to create a real surprise in the Quinté of 2 June on this route in coming to finish off second at 79/1. It’s going to run close and it may not repeat its good performance even in the evolving of new referred of 4. Everything will depend on the circumstances of the race but it seems when even in close again.

It had started well the season with 3 successful and a 3rd place before confirming his good form for his entry on 11 may, the day of the recovery. It comes, however, greatly disappoint on the 3000m Salon-de –Provence and attack with a strong party this time for his first Quinté. Still have to watch for his return to Vichy.

It is a real specialist of this track to Vichy, but she will seriously climb out of category in this Quinté, it comes to run-level Amateurs. Of course it has already appeared at Vincennes, but against the only female and is not fully seated this time. It is, however, not to neglect completely on this journey and it has its place in the end of your combinations.

The prognosis for quinté de Turfomania


Confidence index : 1 out of 5

The synthesis of the press of the quinté du 15/06/2020


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