Alan Partridge leaves fans in stitches with first trailer for new podcast From The Oasthouse


ALAN Partridge has left fans in stitches with the first trailer for new podcast From The Oasthouse.

Fans of Steve Coogan’s character will get to go in his cubbyhole as he bares all in the 18-part Audible podcast series.

Dressed in suitable countryside attire, Alan gives fans a snapshot of what they can expect from the series in the trailer, which is available from September.

In a further statement about the new podcast, Alan said: “Like most people, I assumed those who hosted podcasts were pale, tech-obsessed social lepers who live with their mums and couldn’t get a platform on any meaningful broadcaster so started spouting their bloated opinions into their USB microphones to flatter their groaning sense of self-importance.

“But then I spoke to a man I’d never heard of before from Audible. HE called ME and made me an offer.

“I countered. He came back. I countered again. In short, we hammered out the details (to my satisfaction) and the result is a series of podcasts.

“They’ve been described as very good/sensational.”

The podcast was first announced in early June, with Alan hoping to attract a younger and more diverse audience as he promises to reveal a “more reflective Alan”.

Alan said at the time: “All national treasures have a podcast. If David Dimbleby has one, then of course I needed to make one.”

“With this series, I want to give my fans an intimate view of who I really am.

“You may think you know me, but trust me, you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at my podcast innovation studio.”

Alan Partridge first came to the public’s attention in 1991 when he was a sports presenter on BBC Radio 4’s On the Hour.

He moved to TV in 1994 and had his own show, Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Then in 1997 he had his own sitcom, I’m Alan Partridge, which won two BAFTAs.

Alan was last seen on-screen in 2019 with This Time with Alan Partridge, which was a spoof of magazine show, The One Show.

All episodes of From The Oasthouse – The Alan Partridge Podcast will be released for Audible on Thursday, September 3, 2020 and is available to pre-order now here.


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