Alison Hammond slams This Morning guest for calling fat people lazy


THIS Morning’s Alison Hammond has lashed out at a guest who accused overweight people of being “lazy”.

Alison was fuming at Samantha Yardley, who said overweight people should be restricted from buying big clothes and blocked from jobs.

The fitness writer, who said she wouldn’t work with fat people, insisted: “We all take the path of least resistance – we need to make it more inconvenient to be obese.”

But Alison, 45, was having none of it, challenging size-ten Samantha to spend a day with her, insisting: “I’ll run rings around you.”

The former Big Brother star, who is an ambassador for Weight Watchers, said: ‘So what’s she saying, because I’m big she doesn’t want to work with me?”

This Morning co-host Ruth Langford replied: “She thinks if you’re overweight, you’re lazy.”

Alison said: “I’m not being funny, come and train me, babes. Let’s have a laugh, we’ll have fun. I’m not lazy, I’m up for it.

“I’ll probably run rings around you! Come and train me, I’m up for it, how about that?”

Samantha doesn’t think clothes in extra-large sizes should be readily available to encourage people to shed the pounds.

Her idea was called “incredibly cruel” by host Eamonn Holmes during an explosive appearance on the show today.

Samantha also insisted that hiring overweight people was bad for business, insisting: “Look at the facts.

“People who are obese take off nearly twice as many day off work than those people within a healthy weight range for a start.

“That’s going to have a financial implication. From personal experience, you are more lethargic and more lazy.”

When Eamonn pointed out some people had an illness or weren’t able to lose weight, she replied: “It’s a lifestyle choice. You need to eat a little bit less, move a little bit more.”

Many viewers were fuming at her comments, with one tweeting: “This is DISGUSTING. who is this woman to have this outlook on life?

“Someone’s size is none of her business. Some people have illnesses etc which means they cannot control their size.

“Stay in your own lane you superficial judgemental uneducated piece of garbage.”

Another said: “Welllll Samantha Yardley I’d rather work with a fat nice person than have a judgemental b***h of a boss.”

A third urged the hosts: “Could you ask Samantha Yardley if she would refuse an overweight doctor saving her life?

“Or would she refuse an overweight surgeon carrying out a life saving operation on her? Just curious.”

However, Samantha did have some backers, posting supportive comments on her Instagram feed.

One read: “Hopefully your message will help a lot of overweight people make better choices in life.”

Eamonn warned Alison, that the interview might be “hurtful” before it took place today.

He said: “Seriously this is going to be very controversial. Talking to this woman, it might be hurtful.”

But, as This Morning viewers saw, Alison gave as good as she got.


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