All you need is an old hairband to keep your baby wipes from all falling out at once.


All you need is an old hairband to stop all your baby wipes from coming out at once.

When you’re trying to change a nappy on a writhing baby, yanking out a whole bunch of wipes at once can be a pain.

However, one mother has shared a clever trick for ensuring that only one wipe is removed from the pack at a time, and all you need is an old hairband.

Amber, a TikTok user from Ontario, Canada, who is a mother of two daughters, shared the clever trick, which involves putting a band on one end of the wipes pack.

The band then prevents more than a single wipe from coming out each time you open the pack’s center and pull.

Amber wrote, “I love this parenting hack!” Her video quickly drew thousands of positive responses from grateful mothers.

One person wrote, “You are a GODSEND,” while another added, “OMG! This is the best hack I’ve ever seen!”

“So you mean I won’t have to try to grab one wipe at 3 a.m. and then shake the bag angrily until it falls on the ground?” another mother joked.

Dads praised the hack as well, with one saying, “Genius!!! I’ve been dealing with this issue for years.”

Even those who aren’t yet parents were pleased to learn of the clever trick, with one person writing: “Not a mother yet, but you can bet I’m saving this video as a reference!”

Since Amber posted the video, it has received 373,000 likes and 4,300 comments.

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A clever mum has shared a genius hack on how to stop a bundle of wipes coming out of a packIt just requires placing an elastic band or hair band around one end of the packThere's nothing more annoying than when a string of wipes all come out at the same time

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