Are the cast actually singing in Netflix’s Eurovision movie?


Netflix’s latest original comedy, Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga, stars Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan and Dan Stevens.

The film tells the story of two small-town Icelandic singers, played by Ferrell and McAdams, who follow their dreams of competing at the Eurovision song contest.

After Eurovision was cancelled this year due to the ongoing global pandemic, fans can instead get their Eurovision fix with the incredibly funny comedy.

The movie features twelve original songs, four of which were co-written by Savan Kotecha, who was behind big hits such as Ariana Grande ’s God is A Woman and The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face.

But, do the star-studded cast sing all of the songs on the soundtrack?

While Will Ferrell does his own vocals as Lars, the other main cast members do not really sing themselves. 

Rachel McAdams sings the beginning of most of her songs, but the main vocals come from Swedish singer Molly Sandén.

Sandén is no stranger to Eurovision, as she came third in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2006.

According to Netflix, in the film Sandén’s vocals were mixed with McAdams’ voice, but when asked whether the vocals had been mixed Sandén sounded skeptical suggesting she could only hear her own voice.

Rachel McAdams does sing the full vocals on one of the songs featured in the film – where her character Sigrit sits at the piano in a hotel room composing what will end up being the song ‘Husavik’.

As for Dan Stevens in the role of Russian singer Alexander Lemtov, it is opera singer Erik Mjönes that provides the vocals for the character’s Eurovision performances.

Stevens was originally intended to sing in the final movie, but due to the current global situation he was unable to do so.


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