As the WWE Universal Champion, what is Roman Reigns’ next goal?


As the WWE Universal Champion, what is Roman Reigns’ next goal?

Roman Reigns’ reign as WWE Universal Champion reached 450 days earlier this week, and he demonstrated his dominance over the entire WWE roster for the second year in a row by defeating the current WWE Champion, Big E, in the main event of Survivor Series on Sunday.

What’s next for “The Tribal Chief,” according to Paul Heyman in a new interview with Sports Illustrated?

“Roman Reigns’ next goal is crystal clear: to be better tomorrow than he is today,” Heyman said.

“His goal is to be better in two weeks than he was the week before, to make next week’s SmackDown better than this week, and to make the SmackDown that airs in three weeks better than the SmackDown that airs in two weeks.”

Roman Reigns continues to set the bar high and achieve heights that no one else in WWE has or will ever reach.

Every Friday on SmackDown, the rest of the world gets to watch it unfold.”

In terms of his next opponent, WWE teased a number of Superstars in a preview of this week’s SmackDown, with the voiceover asking who would be “brave” enough to face Reigns.

Jeff Hardy is one of the people who has been very vocal about it in interviews.

Hardy recently told Sportskeeda, “I guess there’s three [goals]I think about more than anything else.”

“And number one, I’d like to be the Universal Champion, ideally defeating Roman Reigns, because that’s one of my dream matches, because his stuff is so powerful now.”

Even with Seth [Rollins] in the ring, and Dean Ambrose back before he left, I’ve got to mix it up.

And they were The Shield, so Roman is the only one we’ve ever met.

So I just feel like I belong in that story and will continue to belong in it.”

“I’ve talked about this a lot lately, Roman Reigns,” he said to Steve Austin in a promo for his new interview on Broken Skull Sessions.

The Bloodline irritates me, and he always talks about being the table’s leader.

“I want to break the table’s head.”

Let us know what you’d like to see Reigns do next in the comments!

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What is Roman Reigns’ Next Goal as WWE Universal Champion?

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