At Her Grandmother’s Funeral, Dolly Parton Was Too Upset to Sing a Willie Nelson Song


At her Grandmother’s Funeral, Dolly Parton was too upset to sing a Willie Nelson song.

From self-deprecating jokes to more vulnerable moments, Dolly Parton has always been honest with her fans.

She mentioned that her grandmother adored a Willie Nelson song and wished for Parton to perform it at her funeral.

Parton was unable to do so because she was too emotional.

Despite this, she managed to dedicate the song to her grandmother in a sweet way.

Parton had a close relationship with a neighbor she referred to as Aunt Marth when she was growing up in Tennessee.

Parton recalls Aunt Marth bouncing her on her knee as one of her earliest memories.

“She’d sit me on her knee and sing, ‘Tiptoe tiptoe, little Dolly PartonTiptoe tiptoe, ain’t she fine? Tiptoe tiptoe, little Dolly PartonShe’s got a red dress just like mine,” Parton said in an interview with The Independent.

“I remember saying, ‘Sing it again, sing it again.’ I remember her before I remember my mother and father.

“It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

When Parton went to Aunt Marth’s funeral, she was taken aback because she didn’t realize she was dead.

When she attempted to flee, some of her family’s boys began describing how Aunt Marth’s body would decompose.

She wrote in her book Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business, “They kept going until I got sick to my stomach.”

“Two of them took my hand in theirs and forced me to touch the body.”

It had a soul-crushing effect on me that I’ve never fully recovered from.

I’ll never go to a funeral again, and I can’t look at a dead body.”

Years later, Parton revealed that her grandmother was particularly fond of a Willie Nelson song called “Family Bible,” which she explained was written for her grandmother, who had been sick for years and for whom Parton used to sing.

“She’d ask me to sing songs, mostly gospel songs, sacred songs, and she’d listen to all those country radio stations and preachers on the radio, and she’d make me sing this particular song,” Parton said in an interview with Nelson on her TV show Dolly.

“She’d always ask if I’d sing it at her funeral.”

I just couldn’t do it when she died because… I just couldn’t do it.”

With Nelson on set, however, he and Parton began performing a cover of the song she dedicated to her grandmother.

“OK, Grandma, we’ll do this today,” she said.

“I have the ability to…

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