Before Captain Sandy (Exclusive), Hannah from ‘Below Deck’ recalls a bad experience with a female captain.


Hannah from ‘Below Deck’ recalls a bad encounter with a female captain prior to Captain Sandy (Exclusive)

Long before she and Captain Sandy Yawn clashed on the show, Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean had a bad experience with another female captain.

She recalled being flown to a Florida yacht and then being confronted for smoking and having tattoos.

“Yeah, just before I filmed season 1 of Below Deck with a female captain, I had a very strange experience,” she told.

During their breaks below deck, you’ll often see yachties smoking.

Ferrier used to smoke as well, but she gave up before becoming pregnant with her daughter Ava.

She recalled, however, that the captain had a smoking problem at the time.

Ferrier recalled, “And it’s kind of weird because in this industry, obviously, like, you know, back then I smoked.”

“As a result, a large number of people smoked, including a large number of yachties.”

They had hired me from Majorca and flown me to Florida because a lot of yachties have tattoos.

Then someone said, ‘Oh my god, she can’t see you smoke, so you have to cover [your tattoos].’ They were asking me to cover my tattoos with this pâté stuff.

And I was like, ‘Why wouldn’t you want to talk to me on the phone?’ It’s quite common.

It’s very common to ask that in interviews if your owners are very particular like that, you know? But she didn’t, and it was just a clash of personalities after that.”

Ferrier and Yawn’s feud was well-publicized, and Yawn eventually fired Ferrier during Season 5 of Below Deck Med.

Ferrier recently recalled how she and Yawn used to try to figure out how to work together before each season.

Production would even try to assist them in determining whether or not they could work together again.

On her Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast, Ferrier revealed, “That was one of the issues that Sandy and I had together.”

“Because a lot of people were like, ‘Why does she bring Hannah back?’ And I was like, first and foremost, it’s not her decision.”

She doesn’t get to choose whether or not I return.”

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“However, I’m not a fan of hers,” she continued.

“However, as a captain, the one thing I will say that would be difficult is not having…

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