Before joining the cast of ‘Chicago PD,’ these three actors played on-screen siblings.


Before joining the cast of ‘Chicago PD,’ these three actors played on-screen siblings.

For many years, the stars of Chicago PD have collaborated.

The show is a spinoff of Chicago Fire and is now in its ninth season.

The series’ cast became extremely close.

Prior to joining the cast of Chicago PD, three of the show’s stars played siblings in a TV pilot.

In 2014, Chicago PD debuted as a spinoff of the original One Chicago series, Chicago Fire.

The 21st District Intelligence Unit of Hank Voight is the focus of Chicago PD.

Voight is a complex character who is frequently referred to as a dirty cop, but he and his team go to great lengths to catch criminals and save innocent lives.

Actors have come and gone from Chicago PD over the course of the show’s nine seasons.

Three of the actors who appeared in Season 1 of Chicago PD had previously worked together in a TV movie.

Sophia Bush starred as Detective Erin Lindsay, a tough former CI who was taken under Voight’s wing in seasons 1-4.

During seasons 1-4, Lindsay dated Jesse Lee Soffer’s character Jay Halstead.

Bush stepped down from the show in 2017.

Patrick Flueger, who has played Adam Ruzek in Chicago PD since the beginning, acted alongside Lindsay and Soffer.

Lindsay, Soffer, and Flueger, on the other hand, had met before.

In Hatfields and McCoys’ pilot episode, the trio portrayed siblings Emma, Patrick, and Jack McCoy.

In an interview with Steve Harvey, Soffer and Flueger spoke about their experiences.

Soffer began, “We actually played brothers on a pilot for NBC called Hatfields and McCoys…”

“Along with Sophia Bush, who portrayed our sister,” Flueger said.

“When that didn’t happen, it took about three months for this [Chicago PD] to show up.”

Hatfields and McCoys’ pilot episode was never picked up for a full season, but it worked out well for the three actors.

“That didn’t get picked up,” Soffer explained, “and now we’re in Chicago.”

After nine seasons, Soffer and Flueger are still on the Chicago PD.

Lindsay grew up with a difficult child and was adopted by Voight when she was a child.

She eventually joined the CPD and worked her way up to Detective.

Lindsay roughs up a suspect in the fourth season who kidnapped and murdered a young…

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