Bella Thorne’s Twitter appears to have been hacked as star’s account blast out vulgar messages


Bella Thorne’s Twitter has been hacked.

The actress/musician/author’s social media raised eyebrows after a barrage of bizarre and explicit tweets were posted a little after 1pm on Thursday. was able to confirm that Thorne’s accounts were compromised with her team.

By 2pm the suspect tweets had been deleted.

At the time the posts were made, Thorne appeared to be flying cross-country.

Earlier that day the star was seen heading out of LAX. She also shared social media from the airport ahead of her trip.

Things appeared amiss when Thorne’s account began blasting out tweets which ranged from pornographic images to racial epithets and onto promos and shout outs to random social media accounts.

Grabs from her Snapchat seemed to suggest that account had also been infiltrated.

The situation escalated as the account began to post screenshots of Bella’s personal conversations, one of which was with YouTuber Jake Paul.

The hacker then ventured into illegal territory, threatening to leak ‘nudes’ of the actress.

In the state of California, distributing intimate photos without the subject’s consent is a misdemeanor, which result in up to six months in jail and/or up to a $1000 fine.

After close to an hour of suspect posts, Bella was able to take back control of her accounts.

Around the same time as the Thorne hack, Instagram personality Dan Bilzerian also complained his Twitter had been compromised.

‘Sorry some dumb s*** hacked my act [sic]’ he wrote.

Bella’s social media appeared to have been hacked last fall, after the star shared images of a computer screen cluttered with risqué pictures.

But it turns out the posts were a carefully crafted PR ploy, promoting her film Assassination Nation.


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