BetterMe Launches a New Health Coaching Program That Will Transform Your Wellness Habits


BetterMe Launches a New Health Coaching Program That Will Transform Your Wellness Habits

BetterMe Has Introduced A New Health Coaching Program That Will Transform Your Wellness Routine

Let’s face it: we all want to put our best foot forward in the new year, from promising ourselves that we’ll stick to our fitness and wellness routines to declaring that this IS the year we finally achieve our favorite celebrities’ bikini-ready beach bodies.

Despite our best efforts, old habits and life’s stresses (hello, pandemic) can derail our efforts to achieve the healthy lifestyle and fitness goals we set for ourselves this year.

That’s why we’re excited about BetterMe’s newest Health Coaching program.

Throughout the year, millions of adults (and over 100 million users!) turn to BetterMe for trustworthy advice, solutions, and tools to help them stay on track with their wellness goals.

BetterMe Health Coaching (available wherever apps are downloaded) is a new app that focuses on developing healthy habits and long-term behavioral changes.

Victoria Repa, the founder and CEO of BetterMe, has made it her mission to make the world a healthier place by creating a wellness-focused product that benefits everyone, not just those who can train like a pro athlete or eat catered meals like a celebrity.

Victoria knew how important it was to have an effective solution to help her achieve and maintain her own wellness and healthy lifestyle goals, so she quit her job at the age of 24 and founded BetterMe, a company that provides personalized fitness and diet courses to people all over the world.

BetterMe is now available in 190 countries and more than ten languages, making it one of the world’s most widely used health and fitness apps!

Victoria Repa, CEO and Founder of BetterMe, says, “We’re not a weight-loss tool; we’re a platform for life-changing behavior.”

BetterMe: Health Coaching, a feature of the BetterMe app, is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to achieve and maintain a long-term balance of a healthy body and mind.

BetterMe Health Coaching is a service that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

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BetterMe Debuts a New Health Coaching Program That Will Revolutionize Your Wellness Routine

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