‘Betty White, A Life Well Lived’ will be broadcast on TV Land.


‘Betty White, A Life Well Lived,’ an ET special, will air on TV Land.

ET is paying tribute to Betty White in honor of her 100th birthday, which would have been today.

In the month of January,

ET Presents: Betty White, A Life Well Lived will air on TV Land on March 15 in honor of White’s iconic legacy.

White passed away on New Year’s Eve, six days after suffering a stroke.

She was 99 years old when she died, and she would have turned 100 in January.

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A special on Betty White’s incredible life and legacy, ET Presents: Betty White, A Life Well Lived, airs on Saturday, Jan.

9 a.m. on the 15th

The ET Encore presentations will be broadcast on Sunday, January 21st.

At 5 p.m. on Friday, November 16th.

ET, as well as on her birthday, Jan. 1st.

17th at 7:00 p.m.

ET In addition to the special, fans can watch classic episodes of two of White’s most memorable shows, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland, throughout the weekend.

When told she was the most remarkable woman in Hollywood during an interview with Mary Hart that will be featured in the news special, White remained humble.

She replied, “No, I’m the luckiest old broad in the business.”

White’s agent, Jeff Witjas, recently spoke with ET about what he believes her legacy is.

“Her legacy would be bringing people together in many ways because Betty White was loved by young people, older people, people of all races,” he said.

“You can sit in front of the TV and watch whatever she does because it’s hilarious.”

She never took herself too seriously, which is probably a good thing for many of us.

We need to be able to laugh at ourselves, and she did, even if she could be serious at times.

She had opinions about what was going on in the world, but she kept them to herself, and she made a lot of people laugh and smile, and she gave a lot of love.”


TV Land to Air ET’s Special ‘Betty White, A Life Well Lived’

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