Betty White’s Reasons for Not Remarrying After Her Husband Allen Ludden’s Death


Betty White’s Reasons for Not Remarrying After Allen Ludden’s Death

Allen Ludden, Betty White’s third husband, was her third husband for almost 18 years.

They were deeply in love and cared for each other, she claims, until he died.

Here’s why the star of Golden Girls says she’ll never marry again.

White met Ludden in 1961 while appearing on his game show Password as a guest.

She had previously married Dick Barker (1945) and Lane Allen (1947–1949) before marrying Ludden.

Ludden and White married in 1963 and remained married until his death in 1981.

White and Ludden had only seen each other on television before they met.

They did, however, feel as if they had met before.

Ludden’s wife was in the hospital with cancer, and she died the week before her appearance on Password, which White was unaware of.

That summer, while filming a television special, White and Ludden reunited.

Ludden had three children with him.

White tells the Archive of American Television that she and Ludden became “instant friends,” and the kids seemed to like her as well, saying “check” whenever White or Ludden said something nice.

Ludden proposed to White after three weeks.

White claims it started out as a joke, but it quickly escalated into a serious issue.

Ludden insisted, despite White’s protests that she was dating someone at the time.

He eventually bought White a wedding ring and told her to put it on, but she refused.

Ludden wore the ring on a chain, so she was reminded of his proposal every time she saw him.

Ludden’s marriage proposal was eventually accepted by White.

White says she used to get a lot of questions about her love life and whether or not she would ever marry again.

White says in her autobiography that she usually responds with a “firm ‘no.'” She explains that she and Ludden had a great marriage, so starting over with someone new would be difficult for her.

She claims that she had such a wonderful marriage that it would be “impossible” for her to ever “completely” commit to someone else.

White is also wary of marriage because she fears that if she meets someone new, that person will lose interest in her.

She’s also unsure if she’d be able to share her living quarters with someone.

White admits that she “treasures” her personal space.

Another worry is that there would be parallels with…

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