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Bianca Gascoigne says row with Katie Price made her so anxious she couldn’t sleep at night


BIANCA Gascoigne revealed she had sleepless nights after her spat with Katie Price.

The celebs locked horns over Bianca’s new man – Katie’s ex, personal trainer Kris Boyson.

Bianca, 33, made an Instagram swipe about keeping a “dignified silence” as Katie branded Kris an “angry, nasty man” after their break-up last December.

But today, Bianca told how the very public barney left her suffering from insomnia.

In a chat on Steph McGovern’s Packed Lunch, she said of the situation: “There were a lot of lies coming out. I couldn’t fight my corner because I didn’t want to bite to it.

“Obviously I wanted to say what was really true and be like ‘it’s all lies’ and everything like that.

“So I think I just felt really powerless and it was really making me anxious and I just didn’t know what was going to come out next.

“It’s aggravating as you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep.”

Talking about the impact on her insomnia, she depicted a typical night’s struggle and said: “It’s 4am, I’m fed up, I just want it sorted.

“I’m just wearing myself out. It’s annoying when you wake up and you feel still so tired and you’re wide awake and all you can’t do is sleep, and it’s all you want to do.”

Katie was also reported to the police after having gone to Kris’ house to confront the couple.

She was said to have been rowing about Kris allegedly “lying” that he’s no longer in contact with her.

Katie told New! Magazine this week that Kris was “still calling” her close friends to get messages to her and admitted that even though Kris had blocked her number, she wanted to speak to Bianca to let her know that they were still in contact.

The pair dated on and off for around two years, and split up last November, shortly before Katie went to rehab.

Today, a spokesperson for Katie told the TV show: “Katie wished the couple all the best a few months ago – there is nothing further to add.”

The mother-of-five previously cut all ties with Kris by quitting as director of their joint business.

Paperwork in at Companies House reports she quit as a director of their joint venture firm KK Photography on June 5. The pair set up the company in January 2019.

Kris and Katie spent lockdown together after a whirlwind romance – but made things official shortly after when Bianca moved into Kris’s home.


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