Big Brother will repeat George Galloway’s cringey ‘shall I be the cat’ moment in next week’s Best Shows Ever


BIG Brother will repeat George Galloway’s cringey ‘shall I be the cat’ moment in next week’s Best Shows Ever.

Former Respect and Labour MP George, 65, will return to screens as more classic episodes are lined up on the E4 series.

There are five more episodes airing each night from Sunday, June 21, kicking off with George and Rula Lenska’s: “Would you like me to be the cat?” moment from Celebrity Big Brother 4.

Despite his illustrious career the politician may be best remembered in the public consciouness for his bizarre impression of a cat on the reality series.

The cringey cat scene with left the whole country feline queasy, after the Scots politician shocked the nation when he purred like a pussy as she scratched behind his ears for the TV cameras.

Their antics in 2006 are hailed as one of the horror highlights of the reality show’s colourful 17-year history.

Elsewhere, Jade Goody’s appearance in the Rich/Poor Divide from Big Brother 3 will air on On Monday, June 22.

Tuesday’s installment on June 23 will see The Tree of Temptation from Celebrity Big Brother 7.

Last week, viewers saw the return of Caprice, Jackie Stallone and the late John McCririck from series three of the show.

John, who sadly passed away last year, wasted no time offending the women in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2007 and would wander around the house semi-naked at all hours.

Model Caprice remembered John would get up at the crack of dawn to use the toilet.

She told Sun Online ahead of Big Brother’s Best Shows Ever: “We did not get on!

“We had quite a few rows but the thing is, I just remember, I don’t think I’m speaking ill of him I’m just telling you what happened.

“The room was very smelly all of the time and I remember all of us waking up in the morning and he had these speedo type of knickers on. And he would wake up to go to the loo extra early.”

The star adds: “It’s disgusting because you can’t escape it. Just try and control it for goodness sake! But one thing about John he makes such good TV.

“In the entertainment world he was genius, I respected him for that.”

Fellow senior housemate Jackie also ruled the roost and loved nothing more than to bark orders at her younger housemates.

Caprice reveals: “That was beyond me, I could not believe I was pulling up Jackie Stallone’s stinky pantyhose.

“I have not kept in touch with her. What the hell do I have in common with Jackie Stallone?”


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