Brian Laundrie’s family lawyer claims that the remains discovered are most likely his.


Brian Laundrie’s lawyer claims the remains discovered are most likely his.

According to his parents’ lawyer, the human remains discovered by the FBI off a Florida trail on Wednesday are almost certainly Brian Laundrie’s.

“The probability is strong that it is Brian’s remains,” Bertolino told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Bertolino also said that Laundrie’s parents contacted authorities Tuesday night to let them know they wanted to search the trail Wednesday and that the discovery of his belongings was a coincidence.

The FBI said Laundrie’s backpack and notebook were discovered near what appeared to be human remains in an area that was previously underwater during a press conference on Wednesday.

The remains have yet to be identified, but investigators say they will be in the area for several days gathering evidence.

Bertolino’s father, Chris, first discovered a white bag in the woods about 20 feet off the trail, according to the lawyer.

Laundrie’s backpack was found shortly after that by law enforcement.

Brian’s parents, according to Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino, are “heartbroken” by the discovery of personal items and suspected human remains.

“The chances are good that it’s Brian’s remains, but we’ll have to wait for the forensic results to confirm it.” pic.twitter.comjrMOdnjcTC

“As a parent, you can imagine how sad it is to find your sons’ belongings alongside the remains.

That has to be painful.

“And I can tell you that they are heartbroken,” the attorney stated.

“This morning, Chris and Roberta Laundrie went to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park to look for Brian.

“After a brief search off a trail that Brian frequented, some articles belonging to Brian were found,” Bertolino told Tampa Bay news station WTSP. “The FBI and [North Port Police Department] were informed of Brian’s parents’ intentions last night, and they met Chris and Roberta there this morning.”

Laundrie’s parents reported him missing on Sept.

Number seventeen.

Authorities were informed that he had left his home on September 1st.

14 but never came back

Petito’s body was discovered in Wyoming just days after he vanished.

On September, her family reported her missing.

After she and her fiance, Laundrie, left on a cross-country trip in June, she didn’t hear from her for nearly two weeks.

Petito is said to have become less communicative toward the end of August, sending one last text on Aug.

Her family doubts her sincerity at the age of thirty.

Laundrie made her way back to her hometown of North…

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Brian Laundrie’s Family Lawyer Says Remains Found Are Likely His

Brian Laundrie’s Family Lawyer Says Remains Found Are Likely His

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