Bridezilla was denied a refund for her dress, so she went on a rampage in the store, but it didn’t end well…


Bridezilla was denied a refund for her gown, so she went on a rampage in the store, which did not end well…

WHILE WEDDINGS ARE COMMONLY HAPPY occasions, the planning process can bring out the worst in people.

It can be time-consuming and stressful, and it’s even more so if you’re a bridezilla.

After a bridal shop refused to refund her (dollar)500 deposit for a dress, one bride-to-be became enraged—but what happened next will astound you.

The video, which was shared on Reddit, showed the enraged woman, who was now pregnant, entering the boutique with a pair of scissors and snipping holes in the wedding dresses on the racks.

Given that she was likely forced to pay thousands of dollars for the dresses she destroyed, it was an unusual form of retaliation.

The woman sat in the shopkeeper’s chair after more than a minute of cutting.

The person filming is a shop employee, according to Reddit users who translated the clip’s voices (which are in Chinese).

The employee kept telling the customer to stop cutting and that she would have to pay thousands in reimbursements for all of the dresses if she didn’t.

The customer is clearly too enraged to care.

The woman’s entitled behavior shocked Reddit users:

“Hopefully she was forced to pay,” one person said. “Adults throwing tantrums are ridiculous.”

“Lmao the entire purpose of a deposit is for the business to keep it if the client decides they don’t want the product any longer for whatever reason,” another user explained why the behavior was so backwards.

“Does this lady believe she is entitled to the deposit back because she no longer wants it?”

Others praised the worker’s demeanor:

“When it comes to crazy people, the safest response is usually to observe and report.”

One person wrote, “Don’t engage them, just let them bury themselves in evidence while the cops arrive.”

“I was just thinking [the employee]handled this really well, just stayed calm and (apparently) kept telling her the prices of each thing without aggravating her,” a second person said.

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