Britney Spears leaves fans baffled at her ‘left to right’ dance routine wearing tiny white hotpants in latest Instagram


BRITNEY Spears fans have been left “confused” and calling on the star for an explanation as she showcased a quirky “left and right” dance routine.

The Stronger singer, 38, certainly looked the part as she prepared to perform for her Instagram video, in a pair of tiny white hotpants and a ruffled, off the shoulder yellow top.

She tied her blonde hair back and accessorised with a simple chain necklace and minimal make-up, aside from her thick black eyeliner.

The chart star took to her caption to explain why she was holding a bright bouquet at the start of the routine and wrote: “HOLY HOLY CRAP 😍 !!!!!!

“My florist surprised me today by making the flower arrangement all different colors 💐💐💐💐 …..

“I was so excited I threw on my favorite yellow shirt and just had to SHARE 🌸🌸🌸⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!!”

Yet the blooms didn’t play much of a part in the final result and after two swirls with the bouquet she put them to one side.

Brit continued the rest of the dance to Blinding Lights, by The Weekend, by simply appearing on screen, first from the left hand side then from the right.

She then strolled back out of shot using the opposite side.

The smiley – yet a little strange – video was enough to baffle some fans, and one wrote: “What in the hell is going on Britney??

“You trying to show us that you can do nothing but walk back and forth and still get 2 million views!?!?”

Another put: “I’m also noticing a lot of left…right…left…right… a lot of repetition in her posts .. not just this post but in many of her posts she does this type of thing.”

One then gushed: “Queen of left and right ❤️lol.”

Another mused: “Babe, are you okay? Somethings wrong …” as one put: “Horizontal runway!💖.”

An Instagram user then surmised: “I’ve never been so confused in life until I started following Britney Spears on Instagram.”

One staunchly defended the star and put: “I think it’s brilliant let the women live her way, she is not doing anything wrong.”

Britney often keeps her Instagram fans in the loop with everything from her workout tips to freestyle dance routines.

Earlier this week, she writhed around in a sports bra as she gushed over her latest freestyle moves.


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