Brits face being refused entry to Greece due to new track and trace system problems


BRITS could be turned away at the border when travelling to Greece after a number of tourists claim their mandatory entry forms and codes have been delayed.

To enter Greece, tourists must fill in a form at least 24 hours before travel, and will then be sent a QR code to be shown on arrival.

Without the code, tourists may be refused entry, or fined €500.

According to the UK Foreign Office: “You must complete an online Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 24 hours before your arrival in Greece.

“On arrival in Greece by land, sea or air, you will need to show your QR code to the Greek authorities.

“Make sure you have either a printed copy of the code, or can show it on your phone. Failure to provide your PLF form/ QR code will result in a fine or you may be refused entry to Greece.”

One person wrote on social media: “Can someone please explain to us why do we have lots of British family (including my niece) stuck at the Heathrow Airport today because they didn’t get QR code to enter Greece.”

Another added: “Well this is concerning. To travel to Greece you needed to fill in a PLF form, then receive a QR code and documents the day before travel.

“I filled in the form and had the confirmation email. But no QR code etc today.”

One woman asked: “Hi, I’m travelling to Greece tomorrow. Kavala Airport. I still haven’t gotten my QR Code.”

Others have complained that their travel agents failed to tell them they needed the forms or QR codes.

A group of tourists were fined €500 (£453) after arriving in Greece earlier this month without the new passenger locator forms.

However, a spokesperson for Greek tourism told the Telegraph: “We have no reported issues regarding the PLF form.”

Brits are urged to fill in the documents correctly and ahead of travelling, as well as having them on record to show as well as the QR code.

The Greek tourism website advises: “Travellers boarding or embarking on the previous day of the arrival will be allowed to do so upon showing the confirmation email, since they will receive their QR code during their flight or voyage.”

Greece is also facing another lockdown after a spike in coronavirus, following the return of tourists on July 1.

If more than 40 Brits test positive for coronavirus, the UK could be put back on the ban list.


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