Bryan Danielson argues that in AEW, he hasn’t turned heel.


Bryan Danielson claims he has not turned heel in AEW.

At the start of last week’s AEW Dynamite, Bryan Danielson appeared to turn heel.

He interrupted Hangman Page’s AEW World Championship celebrations, chastised him for not defending the title sooner, mocked the Norfolk, Virginia crowd, and threatened to beat up every member of The Dark Order before his eventual title match with Page.

He began by defeating Evil Uno, and on tonight’s Dynamite, he will face Colt Cabana.

While many fans have compared “The American Dragon’s” attitude to his classic Ring of Honor persona, the former WWE star rebuffed the notion that he is now a heel on Busted Open Radio.

“I’m not sure what everyone is talking about.”

Virginians seemed to be treating me badly.

So I retaliated by giving them a hard time,” Danielson said (via Wrestling Inc).

“I don’t believe anything I said was inappropriate or even hurtful.

‘Hey, congrats on being the World Champion, Hangman Page.’

I’m disappointed it’s not Kenny Omega, because that’s the man I wanted to beat for the AEW Championship.

I’m disappointed that you’re not wrestling tonight, and you haven’t been wrestling nearly as much as I have since joining AEW, but I don’t think any of that is overtly mean.”

“I’m not going to lie, being booed is fun,” he added.

“There’s something incredibly enjoyable about it.”

So I’m going to put a little more effort into that.

But there was nothing I said that was inappropriate, cruel, or insensitive.

As a result, I’m pretty sure I’m going to kick all of his friends in the head.

But I’m sure I’d do it anyway.

It’s not a heel turn for me; I’m just being myself.”

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https:t.coOfYp4fPQUapic.twitter.comSzDX0f5fIg Full interview on the podcast: https:t.coOfYp4fPQUapic.twitter.comSzDX0f5fIg

What are your thoughts on Danielson’s character’s new direction? Do you think he’s gone full heel? Tell us in the comments!

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Bryan Danielson Argues That He Hasn’t Turned Heel in AEW

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