BTS: Suga Says He Allows Fans to “See Me as They Wish”


Suga claims that he allows fans to see him “however they want.”

On the 12th of December,

GQ Magazine published detailed interviews with Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook of BTS on February 22, 2021. Suga discussed his various alter egos and music-making process in his interview with the magazine, saying that he gives “people the choice to see me as they want.”

Suga is the rapper’s stage name in BTS, and he was born Min Yoon-gi.

When Suga produces tracks for other artists, he is credited as “BY SUGA.”

Suga discussed how he balances the three different personas and music-making styles with GQ Magazine.

“I’m the one who created all three of them.”

They each take up a third of my body, and none of them are more representative of me than the others.

I simply provide an option for people to choose from.

“I’m giving people the option to see me as they want because these three sides of myself are incredibly different,” he told GQ Magazine.

The BTS rapper went on to say that in order to keep working as an artist, he tries to “love” music “less.”

“Only if you don’t like it too much is it possible.”

It’s difficult to keep liking something for a long time if you like it too much.

I used to be way too into music.

I was so taken with it that I tried to dislike it.

He continued, “I’m still trying to love it less.”

J-Hope is “gradually” working on new music, according to BTS.

Suga went into greater detail about how he makes music while remaining detached from it when pressed.

GQ Magazine quoted Suga as saying:

“Unless I’m working on my own music, I don’t listen to music.”

I keep it as far away as possible from me.

I only listen to music when I’m in a bad mood.

If you love something too much, you will eventually have to give it up for that reason.

If you want to pursue it for a long time and avoid being consumed by it, you must keep it at a safe distance.

It becomes very difficult to continue if you give it too much meaning.”

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Suga admitted that he started thinking about music in this way “about five years ago.”

“I believe it was the right decision.

I’m not going to try too hard, so I’ll just let it flow naturally.

Even if I get stuck…

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“I don’t listen to music unless I’m working on my own music. I keep it as far from me as possible. I seek music only when I need it. If you love something too much, there comes a time when you have to give it up for that very reason. You need to keep it at a certain distance if you want to pursue it for a long time and if you don’t want to be consumed by it. If you give it too much meaning, it becomes very difficult to continue.”

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