Carlo Bernard’s Assistant Assists in Getting Bad Bunny for Season 3 of ‘Narcos: Mexico’


Carlo Bernard’s Assistant Assists in Getting Bad Bunny on Season 3 of ‘Narcos: Mexico’

Narcos: Mexico is a Netflix original series that follows the evolution of the Mexican drug trade.

While many of the cast members from the previous seasons returned for the third season, the story also introduced some new characters.

In the final episode, Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio) appeared as a guest star.

The Latin actress landed a role on Narcos: Mexico thanks to the following steps.

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Bad Bunny played Arturo “Kitty” Paez in Narcos: Mexico Season 3, a member of the Narco Juniors, a group of middle and upper-class Tijuana teenagers who want a taste of the cartel lifestyle.

The Grammy Award-winning musician admitted to being a huge fan of the Narcos series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

As a result, he was ecstatic to join the ensemble cast.

“I was sold when they announced Narcos: Mexico because I loved the original Narcos.”

He said, “I’m honored to be a part of the show.”

“Kitty was a charismatic man who took pride in his appearance.

He enjoys nice things, which I can relate to!”

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Despite his minor role in Season 3 of Narcos: Mexico, Bad Bunny left an indelible impression.

Many viewers praised his acting abilities, especially since this was the rapper’s first appearance on television.

Carlo Bernard, the showrunner of Narcos: Mexico, told TVLine that his assistant was “so excited” to hear Bad Bunny wanted to join the show.

Bernard realized right then and there that Bad Bunny had to be on the show.

“I was told that Bad Bunny wanted to be on the show when we were writing the season,” he revealed.

“And I knew it was significant because my assistant was ecstatic.”

That’s when it dawned on me that we should definitely do this.

We needed to figure out his schedule, and he was very accommodating in trying to rearrange things so that he could spend as much time as possible with us.”

“It seemed like a fun way for Bad Bunny to flex his charisma,” Bernard continued.

He was fantastic and had a great time.

He was a pleasure to work with for the entire cast and crew.”

Ban Bunny has decided to expand his acting career in addition to his music.

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