Carole Baskin of Tiger King reveals what she thinks happened to her missing husband Don Lewis.


Carole Baskin of Tiger King reveals what she thinks happened to her missing husband Don Lewis.

Carole Baskin is sticking to one theory about her missing husband’s disappearance.

In the hit 2020 Netflix docuseries Tiger King, Oklahoma zoo keeper Joe Exotic, who is serving 22 years in prison for his role in a murder-for-hire plot against Florida big-cat rescue activist Baskin, accuses her of murdering her husband, Jack Donald “Don” Lewis, who went missing in 1997.

Baskin has denied any involvement in his disappearance, and police have stated that she is neither a suspect nor a person of interest in the investigation.

Tiger King 2, which debuted on November 3rd, is a sequel to Tiger King.

This is also mentioned in number 17.

“Don enjoyed flying and was looking for ultralights and experimental planes to purchase.

“For a variety of reasons, I believe Don crashed a small experimental plane or ultralight into the Gulf,” Baskin said in a Reddit AMA on Monday, Nov.


“Even though he didn’t have a pilot’s license, he flew all the time.”

“He couldn’t file a flight plan, so he had to take off from closed airports to avoid detection,” she continued.

To stay off the radar, he had to fly below 200 feet, which meant flying over the Gulf of Mexico because the air is smoother there, whereas over land, there are up and down drafts that will crash you at the height.

I believe this was the most likely scenario because his phone records indicated he was planning to travel to Texas, his van was discovered at a small private airstrip, and we have never found Don or wreckage.”

Baskin made similar comments in the fall of 2020, when she was competing on Dancing With the Stars, and her late husband’s daughters ran an ad offering (dollar)100,000 for information about Don’s disappearance, during which their lawyer asked, “Do you know who did this or if Carole Baskin was involved?”

When asked about the ad weeks later on The Tamron Hall Show, Baskin said, “Well, if anything could lead us to any kind of conclusion on what happened to Don, then that would be fantastic, because my name would be cleared.”

But I’m convinced he just crashed a private plane over the Gulf, and I don’t believe a reward will help prove it.”

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