Casualty spoilers: Dylan brutally rejects Faith as he returns to work after traumatic shooting


DYLAN Keogh brutally rejects Faith Cadogan as he returns to work after his traumatic shooting.

The hospital became embroiled in an armed siege in May that saw Dylan take a bullet for Faith.

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When Faith tried to stab gunman Mick with a needle, Dylan dived in between them as he shot at her. 

Faith realised that Dylan was so besotted with her that he’d take a bullet for her.

Sure enough, the pair chatted later and Dylan declared his love for the married nurse, changing their friendship forever. 

Next week’s episodes of Casualty will see Dylan return to the ED with a wounded shoulder from where he was shot.

But Dylan and Faith struggle to play it cool after his cumbersome declaration of love.

Despite feeing awkward, Faith attempts conversation with Dylan, but she’s wounded when he pushes her away and claims he needs space.

Does he really mean what he says?


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