Celebrity MasterChef’s Dom Littlewood accidentally cooks his plastic timer in kitchen catastrophe


CELEBRITY MasterChef saw one of its funniest moments tonight when Dominic Littlewood managed to cook the plastic clock he was using to time his recipe.

The 55-year-old One Show favourite looked on in horror at the molten mess after his attempt to operate a tandoor oven ended in abject disaster.

After burning himself and putting out a fire, he admitted: “That couldn’t have gone worse.

“I’ve burnt my hand, I’ve cremated about six naan breads out of eight – and I’ve also cooked a plastic timer.”

To be fair to Dom, the procedure was tricky, with the star having to fish breads out of a firey pit with two long sticks.

But in the end he had to use them to get his digital clock out of the oven with co-star Sam Quek popping up, with perfect comic timing, and asking: “Have you got the time, Dom?”

He branded his stint in the kitchen a “tragedy” saying: “Just about everything I tried to do went wrong.

“Hats off to anyone who works in a kitchen full-time. Rather you than me.”

One viewer on Twitter giggled: “He didn’t even notice that he put the plastic timer in the tandoor.”

Another laughed: “Dom should not have been let anywhere near the tandoor oven.”

However, he managed to live on – with RuPaul’s Drag Race star Baga Chipz getting chopped from the show instead after judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace made approving remarks about his pineapple recipe.

A astonished Dom said: “I’m chuffed, I’m over the moon. For me that was a real big leap forward.

“Because up until then it had been a disaster.”

But one fan fumed: “So @ChipShopBird goes instead of Dom who literally managed to cook a timer?? Come on.”


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