Celebrity MasterChef’s John Torode under fire for helping the boys avoid kitchen catastrophe – but not the girls


CELEBRITY MasterChef judge John Torode came under fire from fans tonight – after he stepped in to help a team who were about to make a kitchen catastrophe.

He interrupted when he spotted Dom Littlewood and Phil Daniels sticking their cod in the oven rather than pan-frying it.

But, over on the other side, neither he nor his fellow judge Gregg Wallace said anything when Karen Gibson and and Sam Quek made their own blunder.

John told Dom and Phil: “When you go to a fish and chip shop, do they have an oven where they bake the fish before putting it in batter? So why would you half-bake a piece of fish?”

Catching the cooking expert’s drift, former EastEnders star Phil, 61, replied: “I think we should have put it in the pan.”

John, 54, told him: “It’s not too late.”

The pair were challenged to cook a dish through a wall that make it difficult for them to communicate.

But once told they were making a mistake, Phil shouted over: “Dom, put the ham on the cod now” which he did – saving the day.

One viewer tweeted: “John Torode interfering kind of defeats the whole point of the challenge. LET THEM F**K IT UP.”

Another wrote: “Hmmm, I don’t think John, should interfere/help as much as he does, tbh.. It slightly defeats the object of the whole thing.”

And the girls were allowed to make their own mistakes over on their side, with Gregg explaining: “The girls are supposed to add the bone marrow.

“What they’ve added is the bone marrow and the bone. Me and John are not two hungry dalmatians looking for a snack.”

Dom Littlewood got no help last night, when he managed to cook his plastic timer – with it bursting into flames after being fished out of an oven.


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