Cheryl Burke, a pro on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ teases a new mental health project coming in 2022 [Exclusive]


Cheryl Burke, a pro on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ teases a new mental health project coming in 2022 [Exclusive]

Cheryl Burke is a mental health advocate, podcast host, and co-creator of a project set to debut in 2022. spoke with Burke ahead of the Dancing with the Stars Season 30 semi-finals.

Burke teased the mental health project she’s working on for next year during our phone conversation.

Burke was paired with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean on season 29 of Dancing with the Stars.

The Pretty Messed Up podcast is co-hosted by McLean and Rene Elizondo, McLean’s mentor.

Burke and McLean first communicated via Zoom in the summer of 2020.

They were talking about the podcast before they became partners on Dancing With the Stars, which is ironic.

“Whether they like it or not, they are stuck together now and have quickly realized they are PRETTY MESSED UP!” reads the show’s description.

Reminder: your mental health is important. We can’t keep swimming against the current…Listen to and subscribe to the Pretty Messed Up Podcast for mental health stories and more here: https:t.cokJTJDbBdhx(hashtag)[email protected]@iHeartRadiopic.twitter.comOAnxTO7Tid

Earlier episodes of the podcast discussed McLean and Burke’s Dancing with the Stars journey, but the podcast has always been about mental health.

Elizondo, McLean, and Burke are all in different stages of sobriety, which is also a hot topic on the podcast.

Burke has recently been hosting the Pretty Messed Up podcast solo, while McLean and Elizondo work on other projects.

Burke told Showbiz: “I miss them.”

“We’ve all turned into the three amigos,” says the group.

With the Backstreet Boys’ residency in Las Vegas, Burke explained McLean’s hectic schedule.

Burke and her DWTS partner Cody Rigsby have also made it to the season 30 finale, giving her plenty to talk about while McLean and Elizondo are away.

Burke says, “My true passion is talking about mental health.”

“We can talk about Dancing With the Stars because it’s very relevant right now,” she says, “but… I think there’s a lot more we can talk about in terms of dancing and how it directly correlates with your mental health.”

Burke is working on another exciting project in addition to expanding on the topics covered on Pretty Messed Up.

“I’m releasing a dance program called Body Language in 2022,” she tells Showbiz.

“It’s just me and a…

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