Chloe Zhao examines what Star Wars rumors could mean for Eternals 2.


Chloe Zhao: What Do Star Wars Rumors Mean for Eternals 2?

For better or worse, Chloe Zhao’s Eternals has dominated the conversation for the better part of a month.

When it comes to critics, the film is Marvel Studios’ lowest-rated project to date.

However, once viewers began to watch it, the debate became more visible than ever.

Despite this, the Academy Award winner is now rumored to be a finalist for another major franchise.

On Tuesday morning, news of Zhao’s discussions with Lucasfilm about directing the Star Wars film produced by Kevin Feige began to circulate online.

Loki head writer Michael Waldron is currently working on a script for the feature film.

What does this mean for a possible sequel to Eternals if she gets the job?

In other words, not much will likely change.

Before moving on to his take on a Star Wars project, Taika Waititi was able to direct Thor: Love and Thunder.

Unless the Lucasfilm team is very strict about production schedules, Zhao should be able to work on both Feige’s project and Eternals 2 if Marvel decides to greenlight it.

On the other hand, Marvel Studios and Zhao may part ways before a second Marvel fleck is released.

It wouldn’t be the first time the studio switched directors after a successful debut.

The first two films in both the Thor and Captain America franchises were directed by different people, and this isn’t an isolated choice.

After Captain Marvel was released in theaters, Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden stepped down to allow Nia DaCosta to direct the sequel, The Marvels.

While Zhao has not confirmed that she will return, she has stated that she would like to return to the MCU at a later date.

“I was very encouraged to make a good standalone film.

When asked about her return to Marvel, Zhao said, “I think the film now belongs to you, not to me, and we want to see how this child grows in this scary, wild, and beautiful world.”

“After that, we’ll have to watch, listen, and learn to see where we go from there.”

But I think, and maybe I’m wrong, that filmmakers, regardless of genre, tend to make the same movie over and over again (laughs).”

“There are certain themes,” Zhao added.

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Chloe Zhao: What Could Star Wars Rumors Mean for Eternals 2?

Chloe Zhao: What Could Star Wars Rumors Mean for Eternals 2?

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