Christina Applegate Discusses Her MS Diagnosis


Christina Applegate Discusses Her MS Diagnosis

Christina Applegate opened up in an online Q&A, calling it “sad” that she and her co-star and friend Selma Blair, from The Sweetest Thing, both have MS.

The best thing 2022 could bring, according to Christina Applegate, is a cure for MS.

On Thursday, January 15th,

On January 13, the Dead to Me star—who revealed in 2021 that she’d been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis—held a Twitter Q&A, discussing a variety of topics including her current favorite TV shows, her goals for the new year, and her experience working on the 2002 film The Sweetest Thing with Selma Blair and Cameron Diaz.

“Restaurant Startup” is the title of her current television show.

“Kate, captain Lee, and Ben are my buddies,” Christina, 50, wrote.

“Cure for MS maybe?????” Christina said when asked about her 2022 goals.

Christina, who is a breast cancer survivor, said that filming The Sweetest Thing was “so fun,” but that it was “sad both of us have Ms,” referring to her co-star and close friend Selma’s own battle with multiple sclerosis, which she revealed in 2018.

Selma was one of the first people to express her support for Christina after she announced on Twitter last August that she had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease.

“Always adoring you.”

Selma wrote, “I’m always here.”

“As are our children.

“Love is thrashing us.”

Christina has since taken up rowing as a means of keeping her health in check.

“Most exercises can be frightening with MS because of numbness in the feet and legs,” she wrote on Twitter.

“It’s awesome to sit and know I’m still using my body.”

Christina reflected on her journey and how she’s moving forward with her daughter SadieGrace LeNoble, 10, and husband Martyn LeNoble, 52, as she celebrated her 50th birthday in November.

“It’s true.

Today is my 50th birthday.

And I have MS, so it’s been a challenge,” she explained.

“On this day, I’m sending a lot of love to all of you.

Today, many people are in pain, and I am thinking of you.

May we all be able to summon the courage to raise our heads.

My current location is on my pillow.

But I give it my all.”

Christina Applegate Shares Update on Her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

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