Christine Brown kicking Kody Brown to the curb could be featured in an upcoming episode of ‘Sister Wives.’


The Moment Christine Brown Kicked Kody Brown to the Curb Could Be Featured in an Upcoming Episode of ‘Sister Wives’

Christine Brown announced her split from Kody Brown in November 2021, just weeks before Sister Wives premiered.

Fans assumed they’d have to wait a long time to see any footage of the marriage’s demise due to the season’s filming schedule, but Christine assured them they would.

That footage may be coming sooner rather than later, according to a newly released synopsis.

Christine took to Facebook a few days after the separation announcement to ask fans not to ask her about her family or the split because she couldn’t answer them.

Viewers assumed this meant the split would be featured on a future season of Sister Wives on TLC.

Viewers will not have to wait for a new season, according to reports.

During season 16, TLC appears to have captured the beginning of the end.

The synopsis for the next two episodes of Sister Wives has been released by TLC, and while episode 9 (airing on January 16) appears to feature more bickering about coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, episode 10 appears to be bringing the drama.

On January 23, the tenth episode, “The Beginning of the End,” will air.

According to the episode’s synopsis, the episode will focus on the moment Kody and Christine’s marriage implodes.

“…a conversation with Kody is the final straw for Christine,” says the teaser.

When he returns to her house, he discovers that his belongings have been boxed and stored in the garage.”

Sister Wives’ current season was announced by TLC just weeks before it was set to premiere.

The network also avoided revealing the season’s exact number of episodes.

Nonetheless, we can make an educated guess as to how much more fans will see.

Season 16 was supposed to take fans through the holiday season, but there was no mention of Christine Brown’s marriage in the original press release.

Thanksgiving was just discussed, and it appears that Christmas will be the next topic of discussion.

The timeline indicates that the season is nearing its end.

Seasons of Sister Wives used to be between 10 and 15 episodes long.

Only 11 episodes were included in Season 15.

With all of this information, it’s safe to assume the season will end in the coming weeks, though anything can happen.

Fans were promised that Christine Brown’s divorce would be featured on Sister…

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