Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch trademarks her name for products, games and clothes


Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch has has trademarked her brand on dozens items, from furniture and stationery to pushchairs and interior design services, as she capitailises on her social media success. 

The Instagram star, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, 29, has over 3million Instagram followers who go wild for her tips on how to keep their homes looking neater, tidier and cleaner. 

Mrs Hinch, who lives in Essex with her husband and son, already has two best-selling books but now has her sights set on building a lifestyle empire. 

Documents filed with the Intellectual Property Office reveal Mrs Hinchcliffe has submitted trademark applications on dozens of products, which would allow her to use the ‘Mrs Hinch’ brand widely. 

She already holds the Mrs Hinch trademark on household goods, which she filed in September 2018. 

The star currently makes money through paid advertisements and sponsored posts on her widely-viewed Instagram accounts. eBay is among her big-name business partners. 

An endorsement from Mrs Hinch is valuable win for any company. She has already turned products like The Pink Stuff, Elbow Grease spray and Zoflora disinfectant into household names. 

The trademark applications mean she could soon crossover from being a cleaning influencer to a mega social media star able to recommend her own products to followers.

This form of direct promotion has proved incredibly successful for other social-media based entrepreneurs, with Kylie Jenner being the most lucrative example. 

The social media star is represented by the same talent agency as influencer Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella, who has also branched out from being a wildly successful vlogger and YouTube star into launching her own products and books. 

Mrs Hinch first started sharing tips to her account when her husband began renovating their Maldon home which they had bought two years previously.

Sophie’s easy tips and spotless grey interiors fascinated the nation and beyond, and she quickly began racking up followers across the globe.

She has become a household name in the last 18 months, racking up TV appearances on shows including This Morning.  


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