Cleaning whiz demonstrates how to remove pet hair and other dirt from your furniture in SECONDS using only a rubber glove.


Cleaning whiz demonstrates how to remove pet hair and other dirt from your furniture in SECONDS with just a rubber glove and a little elbow grease.

Almost nothing is more aggravating and frustrating than attempting to remove stubborn pet hair and dirt from your furniture, especially when no amount of cleaning, wiping, or vacuuming seems to work.

Fortunately, a cleaning pro has discovered the ideal solution: a simple rubber glove.

This means you won’t have to rush out to the store to pick up some cleaning supplies or the latest TikTok-trending pet hair roller.

The brilliant hack was shared on their Instagram account, @livecomposed, which has nearly 140 thousand followers.

They demonstrated the effectiveness of this tip by saying, ”Someone told me you can use a rubber glove.”


The glove ”grabbed” any pet hair or dirt on the sofa right away, making it look brand new.

”This is brilliant!” one user exclaimed.

”I can’t stand the sound, even though it makes me shiver.”

”Amazing!!! Bet it works for long-haired daughters as well!!” one parent exclaimed.

Other Instagram users then shared their recommendations, such as this one: ”My dad discovered he can wear a flip flop on the carpet, so now he runs around collecting them.”

Another said, ”I just wet my hand, works just as well.’

”A squeegee works just as well!” someone else added.

However, one skeptic was perplexed: ”How did it get this far??”

”I vacuum twice a day,” says the author.

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