Cole Hauser reveals that one of his ‘Yellowstone’ co-stars kicked his a** at Cowboy Camp and that they had to ‘Put Bandaids All Over Him!’


Cole Hauser reveals that one of his ‘Yellowstone’ co-stars kicked his a** at Cowboy Camp and that they ‘had to put Bandaids all over him!’


On Yellowstone, Cole Hauser portrays rugged cowboy Rip Wheeler, one of many ranchers and cowboys on Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western.

To ensure that his show was authentic, the creator of Yellowstone sent a number of cast members to Cowboy Camp before the show premiered.

During camp, however, one of Hauser’s co-stars “had to put Bandaids all over him!” according to Hauser.

Some of the cast were sent to Cowboy Camp to learn to ride horses and live off the grid.

The cast of Yellowstone, however, was not required to attend.

Kevin Costner (John Dutton) was given an exception because he has starred in a number of westerns throughout his career.

He also owns a ranch, so he knows how to ride.

Because Forrie J Smith (Lloyd) was a real-life cowboy who competed in rodeo before becoming an actor, he was granted an exemption.

And, because Kelly Reilly’s character Beth Dutton has a rocky relationship with horses as a result of her mother’s death — which fans learned about in a season 1 flashback — Reilly was exempt as well.

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Hauser, Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom), and Denim Richards (Colby) were among the Yellowstone actors who attended the Cowboy Camp.

To immerse themselves in the world of real-life cowboys, Hauser and his co-stars spent four days in the Utah wilderness with them.

“A group of the actors went out with some cowboys and spent four days in the wilderness without contact with the outside world as best we could in that short amount of time,” Bentley told The New York Post.

“We’d all be out there grabbing sticks and twigs, and maybe a tree branch every now and then.”

You also have a tough demeanor.

Finally, one of the real cowboys, a Paul Bunyan-type character, came over and chopped down an entire tree.

“OK, this guy is not like me at all,” you think as he brings the entire tree over and declares, “That’s a fire.”

Hauser claimed that Jefferson White was the Yellowstone in a recent Q&A with IMDB Burning Questions…

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