Coronation Street fans fear Geoff will murder Sally after she tells him she believes Yasmeen


CORONATION Street fans fear Geoff Metcalfe is going to kill daughter in law Sally after she turned on him and vowed to help Yasmeen.

In tonight’s episode Sally finally learned all of what Geoff had put Yasmeen through.

She visited her in prison and asked Yasmeen to tell her about it – everything from locking her in the box for hours and keeping her impoverished and taking her money.

Sally was heartbroken for her friend and made her mind up about Geoff there and then.

Convinced by what she’d heard, Sally vowed to help Yasmeen however she could – and began by telling Geoff exactly what she thought of him.

After spotting her hugging Alya in the street, Geoff barged into Sally’s house and demanded he tell her what they had been talking about.

But when Sally told him she had been to see Yasmeen, he lost it – but Sally stood her ground.

She told him: “I’d like you to leave now. That wasn’t your money to lend, was it Geoff? It’s not just from Alya, I’ve heard it from Yasmeen. 

“I’ve asked you nicely, I’d like you to leave. That’s not love, it’s fear. She sees you for the man you are – a bully. 

“You’ve lost her for good. If you don’t go now, I’m going to ring the police.”

But as Geoff screamed at her demanding to know what Yasmeen has said, Tim walked in looking horrified.

Fans are terrified that Geoff will become more unhinged and try to kill Sally to stop her from helping free Yasmeen.

One wrote: “Geoff’s only going to get more dangerous now. Poor Sally!”

A second said: “Geoff will try break up tim sally nxted u watch only guessing #corrie”

Another added: “Sally better watch her back now Geoff knows.”


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