Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe claims he will get professional help if Yasmeen comes home to him


GEOFF Metcalfe tries to get back in Yasmeen Nazir’s head next week in Coronation Street when he promises he’ll get professional help if she comes home.

His desperate plea comes as he tries to drop the charges against Yasmeen – on the condition that she takes him back.

Corrie fans were furious when Yasmeen was arrested and charged with attempted murder after stabbing Geoff in the neck with a wine bottle in self-defence. 

The violent fight came after months of Geoff’s abusive and controlling behaviour as the soap’s coercive control storyline came to a gruesome head.

But the abuser quickly managed to make himself look like the victim, turning Yasmeen’s friends and family against her and leaving her to rot in prison.

But despite seemingly holding all the cards, Geoff surprises everyone in upcoming scenes by giving Yasmeen a lifeline.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Geoff declare his love to Yasmeen on the phone.

Grovelling, he promises to forgive her and drop the charges against her if she agrees to come home as his wife. 

Later, Geoff calls the police station and says he wants to retract his statement and drop all charges against Yasmeen. 

But he’s irritated when the officer says that the decision will be up to the CPS. 

Yasmeen’s friends and family are baffled when they discover that Geoff is withdrawing charges against Yasmeen.

And Alya is horrified when Yasmeen calls her from prison and tells her she thinks Geoff is genuinely sorry for everything – and that she is thinking about taking him back. 

In prison, Yasmeen’s friend Lucie urges her to call Geoff and show him who’s boss. 

During the phone call, Geoff promises that things will be different between them and that he’ll seek professional help. 

Will a scared and confused Yasmeen fall for his lies?


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