Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen suffers heart attack tonight as she tries to tell Imran about Geoff’s ex-wife Elaine


CORONATION Street’s Yasmeen suffers a heart attack tonight as she tries to tell Imran about Geoff’s ex wife Elaine.

On the day of her trial, distressed Yasmeen suffers a devastating setback when she’s hospitalised following a heart attack. 

Imran goes to brief Yasmeen in her cell and she tells him about her visit from Geoff’s other victim, his ex-wife Elaine.

She says: “I had a visitor yesterday, her name was Elaine, she said she had lived with Geoff. She said she was abused my Geoff.

“I think she said her name was Elaine Jones, she’d seen the reports in the paper. I think she wants to help.”

Annoyed that he was just finding out about the crucial witness, Imran said: “Why didn’t you tell me this straight away?”

“I’m sorry,” Yasmeen replies, with a strained look.

As Imran fails to spot her distress, he says: “If this is right then her testimony could convince the jury that Geoff was abusive and you are more likely to have acted in self defence.

“So are you ready to go up, I’ll go get a guard?”

But Yasmeen’s face crumbles in pain and she keels over, with panicking Imran shouting “I need some help!”

Later, Yasmeen’s devoted granddaughter Alya visits her in hospital and tells her that her trial has been postponed until she’s well enough to attend. 

Alya then sets out to track down the mysterious newcomer Elaine in the hope that she’ll agree to give evidence against Geoff in court.

Later, Alya is thrilled to receive a call from Elaine pledging to take to the stand to give evidence against Geoff in court. 

Elaine also makes clear her disgust when Alya mentions that Geoff’s son Tim is still on his dad’s side. 


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