Customers who do this in the drive-thru irritate McDonald’s employees.


Customers who do this in the drive-through irritate McDonald’s employees.

With the holiday season approaching, the “pay it forward” trend may gain traction at fast-food restaurants and coffee shops at a faster rate than usual.

However, several McDonald’s employees have recently come forward to say that the trend, which began as a gesture of kindness to pay for the meal of the next customer in line, has turned into a major headache for drive-thru employees.

A recent Reddit thread is full of fast-food workers praising the ostensibly good deed, including one from uMoe6458, who claims to be a McDonald’s manager.

The Reddit user wrote, “This act makes the lives of the employees miserable.”

“It’s fine if it’s just one person.”

However, paying it forward rarely ends with just one person, and instead starts a never-ending chain of people paying for the car in front of them.

People’s orders being messed up is a recipe for disaster.”

Employees at Starbucks have also weighed in on the matter, claiming that pay it forward lines are ripe for messed-up orders and miscommunication.

A different way to spread express generosity, according to Reddit user uMoe6485.

“Give to homeless shelters and food banks.”

Make a vending machine balance.

“Be kind to fast food workers who are underpaid, overworked, and just want a vacation,” they advised.

Employees of fast-food restaurants do not have it easy in general, but especially during a labor shortage in the second year of a pandemic.

A McDonald’s employee’s TikTok went viral earlier this week after she documented a nightmare work situation.

The TikTokker complained about a 6,400-item order totaling (dollar)7,400 in the video posted by @brittanicurtis23, which racked up nearly 300,000 views in just two days.


“When a customer orders 1,600 McChickens, 1,600 McDoubles, and 3,200 cookies in four hours,” wrote @brittanicurtis23.

She appeared frustrated at the start of the video, then showed off the boxes of McChicken and McDoubles sandwiches, as well as the cookies the customer had ordered.

The TikTok user captioned, “No lie, ya girl is TIRED!”

The McDonald’s employee told one user in the hundreds of comments that the customer paid before she and her coworkers made any of the food.

When asked who would require so much food, she claimed it was ordered by a nearby prison.

McDonald’s Employees Hate When Customers Do This in the Drive-Thru

@brittanicurtis23#greenscreenvideo no lie, ya girl is TIRED! #fyp#trending#foryou#mcdonalds♬ son original – isaac.syl

McDonald’s Employees Hate When Customers Do This in the Drive-Thru

@brittanicurtis23#greenscreenvideo no lie, ya girl is TIRED! #fyp#trending#foryou#mcdonalds♬ son original – isaac.syl

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