Danny Miller has been dubbed “two-faced” by I’m A Celeb viewers after he talks about Naughty Boy behind his back.


Danny Miller has been dubbed ‘two-faced’ by I’m A Celeb viewers after he talks about Naughty Boy behind his back.

Danny Miller has been dubbed “two-faced” by I’m A Celebrity fans after he talked about Naughty Boy behind his back.

After a squabble over who was supposed to be cooking, the 36-year-old music producer went to bed without dinner on Thursday night’s episode.

Naughty Boy agreed to cook a meal for the camp with Kadeena Cox, but after hearing an Olympian’s remark, he decided to delegate the task to Louise Minchin.

The artist then went to bed, leaving the rest of the camp wondering where he was.

“He’s gone to bed,” Danny said as he shook his head.

He’s retired to his bed.”

“He’s gone to bed?” replied Snoochie.

“Someone said something to him, and he kicked his toys out of the pram and f***ed off to bed,” Danny explained.

Fans of the ITV show, however, chastised the Emmerdale actor for talking about his pal when he wasn’t present.

“Danny’s such a two-faced ****, he’ll be begging it to naughty boy tomorrow,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Danny is so two-faced it’s jarring.. b****ing about naughty boy then playing besties with him?” another commented.

“Danny is a bit two-faced… he was the one telling the naughty boy to speak up and say, and now he’s going against him Hm,” said a third.

The miscommunication occurred while Louise was busy chopping vegetables.

Naughty Boy was perplexed as to what he was supposed to be doing, as cooking is limited to two people.

He decided to delegate the task to the newsreader, but he stated that he would like to prepare the rice.

“You’re either cooking or not cooking,” Kadeena said.

“We had agreed to cook,” the rapper told the Telegraph, “so I don’t understand why she would just do that knowing, and then say that to me?”

Naughty Boy stormed out, followed by his pal Richard Madeley.

“I don’t have the patience to be in that room; if this were the real world, I would have called a taxi by now,” he added.

“I found that very rude,” he said to the host.

“I’m not sure what he got annoyed about,” Kadeena admitted in the Telegraph, “but I’ll have a chat with him tomorrow and see if I can sort it.”

Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt, both soap legends, made their first appearance on the show earlier in the episode.

The two had to put sheep’s testicles in their mouths and their heads in a box full of snakes, which wasn’t easy.

They did, however…

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