Demi Moore horrifies fans with bizarre carpeted bathroom that has a sofa by the toilet


DEMI Moore left fans horrified when she shared a picture of her sitting on a sofa in her bathroom – with the toilet in the background.

The floral couch was just one the bizarre features in the quirky celebrity loo, which was also covered in a thick brown carpet.

Others focused on the stone feature wall on one side of the room, which had a toy monkey peering out of the brickwork, or the large statue that towered over the bath.

The 57-year-old actress’ shots, taken while she recorded her Dirty Diana podcast, raised no end of questions when she posted them on Twitter.

One recoiled: “Carpet in the bathroom? Yech!!!!!!”

Another wrote: “Lol… I thought this was your sitting room, then I saw then I saw the toilet and in picture two the tub. You have a couch in your bathroom.”

Another said spotting new things in the snaps was proving an entertaining game, tweeting: “The whole set up makes me wince every time I spot something new and even more horrific than the last spot. Fun times.”

A second picture, taken from behind the bathroom sofa, showed a top tub surrounded by white tiles, with a large statue of a female warrior looking over it.

Demi has sharing several shots from her home in Idaho, USA, in recent months – even posting a snap from her bizarre bathroom.

A picture posted in October shows Demi in her huge round bath, with the statue of a woman in a suit of armour seen looming behind her.


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