Despite not airing for another few months, Gordon Ramsay’s BBC series Future Food Stars has been picked up by Fox.


Despite not airing for another few months, Gordon Ramsay’s BBC series Future Food Stars has been picked up by Fox.

THE NEW YEAR has barely begun, but celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is already reaping the benefits.

Despite not airing in the UK for another few months, his new BBC series Future Food Stars has been picked up for a US run.

The show, dubbed FFS for short, has been purchased by American broadcasting giant Fox in a multimillion-pound deal, leaving Gordon grinning from ear to ear.

The Apprentice-style show, in which 12 foodie entrepreneurs compete for a life-changing investment, has already been greenlit for a SECOND series on the Beeb next year, with casting agents on the lookout for contestants.

Gordon, who is already worth £160 million, could become the new Lord Alan Sugar as a result of the transatlantic television deal.

“Gordon’s super-excited,” a TV source said, “because it’s the first time he’s had a show like this on TV in the UK and the US at the same time, with Fox and the BBC – it’s a big deal for him.”

He’s excited to film in the United States in the new year, where he has a home, and to add to his American portfolio by investing in the show’s winning US entrepreneur.

“The Beeb producers are all very excited — the challenges in the series are pretty epic, and all of the contestants’ personalities are huge.”

When you combine that with American-style cinematography, it feels much bigger and fresher than most current television shows.”

It’s good to see the chef getting back to his straight-talking ways after some viewers complained that his gameshow, Bank Balance, was too sanitized during its one-season run last year.

So, global dominance it is…

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