Did Dhani Harrison Get an Education? George Harrison once said that if he had children, he would not send them to school.


Did Dhani Harrison Get an Education? George Harrison once said that if he had children, he would not let them go to school.

Despite being dubbed “the quiet Beatle” at first, George Harrison was not afraid to express his beliefs in interviews.

He was open about his distrust of authority and the current educational system.

He said in 1967 that if he ever had a child, he would not send them to school.

Of course, Dhani was born to the Beatle and his wife Olivia in August.

The year is 1978.

This is how he received his education.

Harrison referred to authority figures as “Big Cheeses” and “King Henrys” in a 1966 interview with the Evening Standard, and he was wary of them all.

He believed that these authority figures, as well as the reality they’d created, were destroying the lives of children.

He had a particular issue with the way teachers applied punishment.

“Take teachers,” he said, according to George Harrison’s autobiography, George Harrison on George Harrison.

“There was always a little kid who was scruffy and smelly in every class when I was at school, and the punishment was always to sit next to the smelly kid.”

It’s unusual for a teacher to do something like that.”

“Do you know what you would try to do as a father?” Melody Maker asked the Beatle the following year when he was interviewed.

“I haven’t,” he replied, “and I’m not sure what I’d do.”

“However, I’m certain I wouldn’t send it to school.”

I’m not going to let Fascist teachers instill ideas in the minds of my children.

I’d hire an Indian guru to teach him — as well as myself.”

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LSD Thoughts by George Harrison

Dhani did, in the end, return to school.

He went to Badgemore Primary School and then Dolphin School, a Montessori school near Twyford.

He went on to Shiplake College and then Brown University to study industrial design and physics.

Dhani went on to work for McLaren, a British sports car manufacturer, as an aerodynamicist after graduation.

However, after September,

He was inspired to start studying music when he was eleven years old.

His first musical project was to finish Brainwashed, the album George was working on at the time of his death.

Dhani then began to focus on his own music career in 2017.

In Parallel, his debut solo album, was released that same year.

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George Harrison, according to Tom Petty, had a deep affection for the Beatles.

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