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In Episode 4 of Brain, Koh Sewon (Lee Sun-kyun) gets closer to figuring out what happened to his son.

Sewon has been using the memories of the dead through brain syncs to unravel the mystery that has ruined his family since the first episode of the Korean drama.

The shocking truth behind Sewon’s death is revealed in Episode 4, as well as who might be behind the larger picture that has yet to be fleshed out.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Dr.


In episode 3, Junki’s (Kim Joo-hun) daughter drew a butterfly for Sewon, possibly revealing what she knows about his son.


Sewon tells Jiun (Seo Ji-hye) that the drawing is strange in episode 4 of Brain.

Although his son died in the summer, the drawing depicts autumn leaves.

Jiun believes this is false, but Sewon claims that his son only met Junki’s daughter a few months ago and that she is a gifted young lady.

Jiun tells Sewon in the car that he is still a murder suspect and will be monitored.

Jiun is instructed by Sewon to look for Namil (Lee Jae-Won).

He was supposed to meet him at the mall, where he most likely saw the face of the assassin who eluded capture.

Fans will see Secretary Yoon (Yoo Teo) talking to the hitman and telling him to find Namil in an undisclosed location.

Sewon returns home to see his wife and is troubled by the drawing.

Kangmu (Park Hee-soon) appears and urges Sewon to visit the cabin where his son was last seen.

When Jiun discovers Sewon has left his home, he has the cops track him down.

Namil’s coworker, Yoo-Jin (Ahn Mi-na), is asked by Jiun’s partner if she has seen him, and she says no.

In a flashback, Sewon tells his wife that he will not be able to accompany them to the cabin as promised, which upsets her.

Sewon arrives at the burned-out cabin.

Junki and his daughter instead accompanied Sewon’s wife and son to the cabin, according to memories.


Complete Synopsis and Breakdown of ‘Brain’: Episode 1

The hitman returns to the city and seeks information from Namil’s mother about his whereabouts.

When she falls asleep, he knocks her out.

Secretary Yoon breaks into Sewon’s house and disconnects his wife’s breathing tube at the same time.

However, when he receives a text from Dr.

M, he re-establishes his relationship…

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