Dolly Parton’s Skillet Cornbread is a Thanksgiving staple for her, and it should be for you as well.


Dolly Parton’s Skillet Cornbread is a Thanksgiving staple for her, and it should be yours as well.

Dolly Parton rose from humble beginnings to become a household name known for more than her incredible voice.

She is much more than just the queen of country music, as evidenced by her generosity and philanthropy.

The award-winning singer and actor is also a cookbook author, with a collection of family favorites.

Because she grew up in Tennessee, many of Parton’s tastes were influenced by Appalachian cuisine, such as frog legs, catfish, squirrels, and stone soup.

While her culinary preferences have evolved over time, she isn’t a picky eater unless the food is overly attractive.

Parton has southern staples that are must-haves for her holiday gatherings, despite expanding her culinary horizons.

She recently shared her skillet cornbread recipe, just in time for Thanksgiving.

This year, you can include her Thanksgiving staple in your family’s meal.

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Parton and her 11 siblings always had a good home-cooked meal when they were growing up in rural eastern Tennessee.

Her ventures, including her family-friendly amusement park in Sevierville, Tennessee, and her famous dinner show, were inspired by the comforts of home cooking.

While Parton’s cookbook, Dixie Fixin’s, contains many of her hometown southern recipes, one in particular is the Jolene singer’s favorite for Thanksgiving.

It’s her skillet cornbread, made in a cast-iron skillet, which she shared on social media with the caption, “Thanksgiving is all about my favorite things: family, fun, and FOOD!”

This year, use Parton’s skillet cornbread recipe to add one of her favorite sides to your Thanksgiving menu.

To begin, gather the following ingredients in your trusty slick black skillet: self-rising cornmeal, buttermilk, bacon drippings, and salt.

Because of the texture, she prefers Martha White self-rising cornmeal, but she says White Lily is also good.

You may, however, use your preferred brand or locally ground meal.

After gathering your ingredients, you’ll have freshly baked skillet cornbread in less than 25 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 425°F and grease a 9-inch cast-iron skillet with bacon drippings.

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