Drew Barrymore Trusted Courteney Cox During a Fake Pregnancy ‘Breakdown’ in ‘Scream’


Drew Barrymore Trusted Courteney Cox During a False Pregnancy ‘Breakdown’ in ‘Scream’

Drew Barrymore, an actress and talk show host, played a larger role behind the scenes of the first Scream film than she did onscreen.

Despite the fact that she didn’t have any screen time with the other leading actors, she appeared to be able to form friendships with a few of them.

During a discussion about the film, Barrymore revealed that she confided in co-star Courteney Cox, who also happens to be a Friends actor, when she suspected she was pregnant.

On an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the child actress spoke with some of her Scream co-stars, including Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, three of the franchise’s long-running survivors.

That status does not, however, include the 2022 film Scream, which may put the original cast under Ghostface’s wrath.

In any case, during their conversation, Barrymore mentioned how friendly he and Cox became during the shoot.

She chose the Friends star as a “safe person” to talk to about her pregnancy worries because they were so close.

“I remember having a nervous breakdown at the poster shoot because I had a false sense of being pregnant,” Barrymore told Cox.

“I kept asking you, ‘How do you know if you’re pregnant? I’m freaking out! We’re supposed to shoot this poster but oh my God, I just started dating someone!” Barrymore continued.

Barrymore explained to Cox that she had approached her as a mentor.

“I felt safe going to you,” she explained, “like you were the mature, safe person in the room.”

Cox and Arquette’s daughter, Coco, had not yet been born.

She did, however, agree that she would be a good confidante for the younger star.

“I was the older one, and the right person to ask,” she explained.

Barrymore had those pregnancy worries when she was in her early twenties, but her first child, Frankie, wasn’t born until 2012.

Olive, her second child, was born in 2014.

Will Kopelman, her ex-husband, is the father of her children.

Barrymore’s worries about pregnancy during the Scream photo shoot seem to be a recurring theme in her mind.

Cox, on the other hand, has a recollection of her Scream 3 bangs that she seems to avoid discussing.

During their Scream talk, Cox admitted that she tries to make Gale, her character, appear slightly more “over the top gross” with…

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