Duncan James, the singer for Blue, has long hair and tattoos that make him unrecognizable.


Duncan James, the singer for Blue, has long hair and tattoos that make him unrecognizable.

Duncan James, the lead singer of BLUE, was unrecognizable as he flaunted his long hair and tattoos.

In boyband Blue, the star wore a look that was a far cry from his usual clean-cut look.

Duncan, 43, surprised fans when he posted a throwback photo of himself with longer curly hair.

In the shots, the lead singer of Blue was topless and making funny faces while laughing.

The All Rise singer, who is currently performing in cabaret at Proud in London’s West End, shared the amusing video on his Instagram Stories.

Duncan isn’t afraid to show off his muscles to his adoring fans.

When he stripped down to a THONG in the first 10 minutes of Strictly The Real Full Monty last month, fans were ecstatic.

Brenda Edwards, another Full Monty star, was seen flashing his bulge to him.

The sassy star didn’t hold back, opening his dressing gown and wriggling his package over and over.

Duncan flashing his package elicited an outpouring of praise from die-hard Blue fans, who took to Twitter to express their delight.

“Duncan James bending over in a leopard print thong was exactly what I needed to see on my TV tonight,” one enraged fan wrote.

“Duncan in a thong did me in,” said this one.

Meanwhile, Blue is reuniting for a 20th anniversary tour, but they have vowed not to return to their hard partying ways – and will instead have a crèche onstage instead of a wild rider.

The Noughties Hellraisers will perform across the UK in September 2022, but they say it will be different this time because they will be doing it for their nine children, rather than when they first started.

Their Heart andamp; Soul Tour will begin on September 11 in Belfast, with special guests Atomic Kitten.

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